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    very nice blog ^^

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    Dear Friend,

    In a brief introduction, I am barrister Raymond Ukata, from republic of
    Togo. I have a client who used to work as a Major Contractor, who died in my country with his family nine years ago, leaving behind his properties and the sum of $9.6million dollars in a bank in my country. I am his personal attorney and I am searching for his relatives so that I can help with the claim of his estates. As his personal attorney I have all the necessary information and documents of the deceased in my possession, which will be helpful in the claim of his estates. These documents shall be handed over to you as soon as I confirmed your family a roots connection to my deceased client. Kindly get back to me with your contact details for more information.

    Your Full Name:...............
    Your Phone Number:............
    Your Country Code:............
    Your Private Email:...........

    I will explain more as soon as I hear from you indicating your interest in this issue. For further communication, contact me directly to my private email address with your contact information, so that we can discuss this matter in private for security reasons: (esqrayuka@yahoo.com)


    Raymond Ukata Esq.

    Email: esqrayuka@yahoo.com

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